Cairo is the administrative Capital of Egypt. It is located on the northeast of the country and it’s surrounded by Nile River. Cairo is an ancient city, well known for its importance in pharaoh history, with more than 17 million populations, is one of the biggest urban areas of Africa. Cairo is an interesting city; it is close to almost all Egypt pyramids, such as the Giza Pyramids and the Saqqara. You can also visit the Cairo Museum and the Citadel of Cairo that are the most popular attractions of the city. Cairo full of movement and life all 24 hours every day of the week, given the chance to do a lot of activities. You will have a great culture experience by walking along the streets of the Old Cairo, hearing the merchants selling their products or simply by visiting an art galleries or a music hall. In the city you can find all type of great accommodations and restaurants, and you can also have the chance to practice all kind of sports, such as diving and golf. The city has a big offer of clubs and nightlife that you have to enjoy too.

Festival Days

During these days, business locals closed and transport is less frequently. This days are: January 7th: Coptic Christmas.February 22th : Union Day April 25th: Sinai Liberation Day May 1th: Work day June 22th: Eviction Day July 1th: Bank Day July 23th: Revolution Day September 11th: Coptic New Year October 6th: Army Force Day October 23th:National Liberation Day October 24th: Suez Victory Day December23th: Victory Day


The official currency in Egypt is the Egyptian Pound, which correspond to 100 piasters. There are various denominations of this paper money; you can find 1, 5, 10, 20 and 100 Egyptian pound bills. Also there are piasters bills of 5, 10, 25 and 50. Coins are in denominations of 1/2, 1, 5 and 10 piasters. For currency exchange you can go to the closest bank, to any exchange office or to any hotel that offers this service. All credit cards and debit cards are accepted, such as American Express, Visa and MasterCard but only in the biggest restaurants and hotels of Cairo, and in the touristic areas of the country


El Cairo is one of the cities with lowest rate of stealing and crimes. However, as it happens everywhere, in Cairo occurs in less proportion. Tourist people must be informing of the places they should visit and avoid places with not many people.


To enter to the country, tourist must obtain the visa in any Egyptian consulate. Once in Egypt, the visitor has 14 days to formalize their entry into the Police Department


Cairo is a city full of life; it is a city that never sleeps. This beautiful city is famous for its nightlife, because you can find a variety of restaurants, casinos, pubs, bars and clubs where you can socialize and drink all you want. With the dusk people starts to come out. Someone for shopping, some others for eating, dancing or drinking. Most places are open until 4am, but you also find some pubs or bars that are open 24 hours. If you want a wild night it is better to go outside on Wednesdays or Thursdays. Even though most are Muslims they enjoy their nights just with soft drinks, it is easy to find good alcohol cocktails or shuts. If you have supervisorEgyptians friends you will understand that if they do not receive a drink, it because of the religious beliefs. The most popular nightlife options are the "baladi bars", where you can get some alcohol drinks. However if you want a safe and nice plan you can stay in your hotel, and enjoy the clubs and bars in there. Almost every hotel in Cairo has a belly dancers show, and Western style bars, so if you want to meet new people and the Egyptians costumes this is the best option.

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