Why Egypt

10 reasons why loves Egypt

When choosing a place for your vacation, you need to put a few things in mind; a place where you can relax, enjoy yourself and experiment new things you wouldn’t normally come across in your own country. 


That being said, Egypt is a very rich country when it comes to culture, sightseeing and various aspects you’ll experiment during your visit. The following are some of the reasons, why you should definitely pay Egypt a visit before the end of 2013

  • 1
  • Reason no.1


This is my home. My life, many of my friends and my work are here.

  • 2
  • Reason no.2


I’ve travelled a lot and I’ve never met a warmer, more hospitable, down-to-the earth and downright funny bunch of people.

  • 3
  • Reason no.3


Egyptian warmth and hospitality, apart from the countless “Welcome to Egypt’s you hear on any given day, this is a country where a smile goes a long way. That’s the way life should be.

  • 4
  • Reason no.4


The Egyptian sense of humors, whether it’s sly, bawdy, and raucous, smart or just plain hilarious, everyone here appreciates a good joke.

  • 5
  • Reason no.5


There’s very little that can’t be, or isn’t, laughed at. Cairo. I read and dreamt about this crazy, beautiful, fascinating city when I was a child and, so far, it’s never disappointed me.

  • 6
  • Reason no.6


That it’s multi-layered and multi-faceted and never, ever dull – from the chaos of Cairo to the beauty of Siwa to the hippy charm of Dahab and the sophistication of Gouna.And that’s just a fraction of its charms.

  • 7
  • Reason no.7


That nearly everything is open nearly all of the time, which makes life so much easier. I can buy my groceries at midnight if I need to, which takes away a lot of the stress of city living.

  • 8
  • Reason no.8


The sense of community and the ease with which people relate to each other – things that have only been strengthened over the last two weeks.

  • 9
  • Reason no.9


That there’s always time in the day – or night – for an impromptu gathering or spontaneous party or just a coffee and shisha (water pipe)with a friend.

  • 10
  • Reason no.10


That all the Egyptians I’ve met have always been more than happy and willing to share all of the above with.

One final thing: if you’re outside the country and ever thought of visiting, don’t let the last two weeks put you off. A lot of things happened but, for most of us, the good definitely outweighed the bad. If anything, it’s made the majority of us, Egyptian and non-Egyptian, fall in love with Egypt even more…

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