Honey moon


Imagine the honeymoon of your dreams… Then allow us to make it happen.


Here at Papyrus Travel Group, we believe you should demand more when it comes to your honeymoon – a once in a life time experience that deserves to be absolutely perfect.

Our team of specialists have compiled a list of our very favorite places from around the world for your perusal, including inspired ideas for multi-center holidays, the very best in honeymoon hotels and resorts, and escorted tours around the globe.  From idyllic jewel-like islands to thrilling adventure tours, Papyrus Travel Group have a portfolio to amaze every part of your imagination. Many of our hotels include complimentary honeymoon special offers, including upgrades, candlelit dinners, spa treatments and more. Let our personal honeymoon specialists tailor make your honeymoon from scratch today.
Our honeymoon advisors can create the trip of your dreams; from a stopover en-route to your destinations at one of our luxurious city hotels, to a multi-center honeymoon to some of the most glamorous destinations in the world. We specialize in creating a unique multi-center honeymoon for every newlywed call 0100 100 1651 for a quote. Choose from some of our most popular itineraries or create your own with our step-by-step builder.
Over 15 Years’ Experience

With over 25 years of experience, we truly believe that we have a thorough understanding and knowledge of the world that is required to create memories that will last you a life time. Our close-knit team of honeymoon specialists all hold a genuine passion for world travel and have been lucky enough to witness the continents of our globe extensively.

We love nothing more than sharing with you our most intimate experiences; from trekking with elephants through the enchanting forests of Asia to surfing the waves of the imposing Mexican Mayan coastline. We know the world like the back of our hand, so whether it’s the exhilaration of Route 66, a flight above Ayers Rock or the warm waters of an Indian Ocean archipelago you’re searching for – we have the ingredients to make it happen

Papyrus Travel Group is an independent agency who has shared close working relationships with all of our suppliers and partners for many years. Our passion and excellence in customer service have earned us our rightful place to become travel partners with the famed PTG brand.

Our collection of hotels are designed with you in mind, from private island beach honeymoons for couples looking for complete relaxation or City moons for something a bit more adventurous.
Can’t decide? Or want to spend a bit more time on your honeymoons, a multi-center honeymoon is perfect for you, combining multiple destinations or types of honeymoon. Alternatively, for those with less time or budget Mini moons are ideal for a short but perfectly formed getaway.
If you both enjoy beach holidays and just want to relax after the organization and planning of your wedding day, then a multi-center trip round Asia is not going to be right for you. Likewise if you like activity holidays and being able to walk about and meet and experience the local culture a paradise island in the Maldives won’t be ideal. Our honeymoon specialists will guide you every step of the way to help choose the perfect trip that you will treasure for a lifetime.

Plan your fantasy escape with help from the list below
Here are a few pointers for you to think about when booking your honeymoon, to ensure that everything runs as smoothly as possible for your special holiday.
These Honeymoon Booking Tips will ensure from speaking to one of our honeymoon specialists to catching your flight home, your honeymoon will be all you’re imagined and much more.
Let us inspire you with a wide range of unique Honeymoon Destinations and Honeymoon Resorts. We aim to create a different honeymoon for each and every one of our newlyweds, whether you want a multi-Centre trip, a luxury beach retreat, a safari or a round the world trip you can be sure we have Honeymoon Destinations to suit you.
While we update our website on a daily basis, there are some resorts, destinations or hotels we don’t feature; this doesn’t mean we don’t send them. Pop across to our quote page, fill in your details and let us create your dream Honeymoon.

Airport Parking 
We have a great range of Airport parking services with fantastic discounts airports, with huge reductions on the parking prices at other airports.

Airport Lounges 
Put your feet up and relax before your flight with our great range of airport lounges. With free food and drink (champagne anyone?) and a comfortable place to get ready for your flight for a lot less than you might think. 

Travel Insurance 
Although we'd rather not think about it, but insurance is one of the most important things to remember before you travel on your honeymoon. Ensure you’re a safe trip by speaking to our honeymoon experts about our fantastic travel insurance rates 

Island hopping in the Maldives, a helicopter tour through the Grand Canyon, swimming with the pigs in Bahamas. Leave it all to us to arrange the perfect itinerary for your dream honeymoon. We benefit from exclusive rates on some of the best travel experience around the world so call our specialists

Hotel Experiences 
As the EG's premier honeymoon specialists we always ensure hotels are informed that our clients are on their honeymoon and include any benefits they may offer but if you would like something extra special speak to our agents about in-resort experiences such as couples massages and a private dinner on the beach that may be available to you

We always include transfers to take you to and from the hotel in your chosen honeymoon destination but we also get fantastic rates on transfers from and to you home in the Egypt With a range of luxury cars available, be sure to speak to us about your travel needs.

Please see below for our most frequently asked questions. If you have any other questions please get in touch with us. Skip to: - 


What is my baggage allowance? 
How do I pre-book my seats? 
Do I need to check-in online for my flight? 
When will I receive my tickets? 
Will I hear from you before my honeymoon? 
When is my balance due? 
Passport Validity 
I am an Egyptian Citizen; how do I know if I need a Visa to travel? 
Will I need any injections before I travel? 
What are resort fees & taxes? 
How do I check the balance of my honeymoon gift list? 
Do you charge for credit card payments? 
Do I need travel insurance? 
How can I change my contact details with you? 
How can I upgrade my flight? 
How can I upgrade my hotel room category? 
Can I book airport hotels and parking with you? 
How can I pre-book an airport lounge? 
Where do I find out about excursions and experiences available on my Honeymoon? 
What do I do in the event of an issue in resort? 

1.    What is my baggage allowance?
Your baggage allowance will depend on your airline, class of travel and itinerary and will be shown on your tickets which you will receive 7-10 days prior to departure. Your Honeymoon Expert will be able to confirm your baggage allowance at the time of booking. You can also visit the airlines’ website for the most up to date information.
2.     How do I pre-book my seats?
Wherever possible, we will try to allocate your flight seats at the time of booking. However, in some instances, this cannot be actioned until tickets have been issued.
Selected airlines will charge a fee to pre-allocate your seats, for further details please email our Honeymoon Concierge at info@papyrustravel.com  or call us on 0100 100 1651
3.    Do I need to check-in online for my flight?
We recommend checking in for your flight online prior to arriving at the airport. Your airline reference number will be located within your tickets, which you will receive 7-10 days prior to departure.
The online check-in date will vary between airlines, but the majority are 24-48 hours prior to departure
4.    When will I receive my tickets?
We will call you to reconfirm your postal address once we have received your tickets. Tickets will be posted 7-10 days prior to travel.
5.    Will I hear from you before my honeymoon?
Once your booking is confirmed, you will have access to our Honeymoon team Service, which is a service dedicated to answering any questions you may have about your honeymoon. We will contact you at approximately 14 weeks prior to departure to remind you that your balance is due at 12 weeks prior.
We will also call to double check your postal address once your tickets have reached us, this is normally approximately 2 weeks prior to departure.
6.    When is my balance due?
Your final balance payment is due 12 weeks prior to departure.
7.    Passport Validity
It is essential that your passport has a minimum of 6 months validity remaining at the time of return travel, and that names provided to Honeymoon Dreams are as per passport.
Failure to do this may result in charges or denied boarding.
8.    I am an Egyptian Citizen; how do I know if I need a Visa to travel?
We recommend you visit the FCO website for the most recent Visa information. If you are not a British Passport Holder, please contact your relevant embassy. 
9.    Will I need any injections before I travel?
We recommend that you visit your GP for advice travel health, and whether you need to have any vaccinations prior to travel. Please ensure this is done as early as possible to avoid any issues.
10.    What are resort fees & taxes?
Many destinations will charge a local tourist tax. This is regulated by government, will vary depending on factors such as the hotel category and will be chargeable on departure. You can check the hotel website for the most recent information regarding this.
Resort fees are also charged in some countries, many in the United States. These are compulsory per room per night charges and will need to be paid locally. They often include facilities such as Wi-Fi, gym and other facilities and further information can be found the hotels official website.
11.    Do you charge for credit card payments?
Yes, credit cards are charged at 2.5 % however debit cards do not carry any fee.
12.    Do I need travel insurance?
Yes, it is essential that you take out a travel insurance policy from the time of booking. We are able to arrange travel insurance on your behalf.  
13.    How can I change my contact details with you?
Please email any contact detail changes to info@papyrustravel.com 
14.    How can I upgrade my flight?
Please email Honeymoon Team at info@papyrustravel.com and we can advise you of what options are available
15.    How can I upgrade my hotel room category?
Please email Honeymoon team at info@papyrustravel.com and we can advise you of what options are available
16.    Can I book airport hotels and parking with you?
Yes, please email Honeymoon team at info@papyrustravel.com and we can advise you of what options are available
17.    How can I pre-book an airport lounge?
Please email Honeymoon tem at info@papyrustravel.com and we can advise you of what options are available
18.    Where do I find out about excursions and experiences available on my Honeymoon?
Please email Honeymoon team at info@papyrustravel.com and we can advise you of what options are available.
19.    What do I do in the event of an issue in resort?
In the unlikely event that you are not satisfied with any element of your honeymoon, please initially speak to the hotel reception to express your concerns and allow them to resolve the issue. 
If you are still not satisfied, please use the contact telephone number provided on the relevant voucher within your travel documentation. We strongly recommend following this process in the event of any issue, to assist Honeymoon Dreams in obtaining the best result should you need to pursue your complaint on return. You can email us at   info@papyrustravel.com
20.    Cancellation
All cancellations must be made in writing by the person who made the booking and are effective on the day we receive it. As we incur substantial costs and losses on a cancellation, we will apply the following cancellation charges: Number of days prior to departure Cancellation charge as percentage when cancellation notice received of total holiday price

70 days or more deposit only
69-43 Days 50% of holiday cost
42-31 Days 75% of holiday cost
30 Days or less 100% of holiday cost

The penalties are in addition to the non-refundable elements of the booking which have been contracted on your behalf and notified to you.  If we are able to recover any of our losses from our suppliers, we will refund those to you subject to a reasonable administration fee.  Agents or third party organizations acting on our behalf are unable to amend or change the contract or terms and conditions within it.