Why Us


because .. yes we can 



1- Founded in 2002
Papyrus Travel Group is no upstart tour operator. We have been in business for over 20 years and we enjoy applying that extensive experience to our work in planning each tour. We have conducted tours to every possible destination in Egypt many times over and we know how to make your experience as safe, comfortable, and memorable as possible.

2- Private Guided Tours 
In choosing any of our tour programs, you are placing yourself in the care of a professional and reliable tourist service. Any service extended to our guests will be accurately tailored to satisfy their individual needs. We guarantee that tours will be privately guided by skilled professional guides when requested.

3- Multilingual Staff
Our main website is in English, but we also maintain sites in French, German, Russian, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Chinese and Japanese in order to facilitate effective and clear communication with our clients. All staff in direct contact with 
Papyrus Travel Group clientele is required to possess strong language skills that are consistent with the high expectation of quality maintained by Papyrus Travel Group

4- Planning Flexibility
Our staff and management are focused on adapting to the individual needs and desires of our clientele. We aim to build a good relationship with clients based upon honesty and reliability so that we are in able to provide them with excellent service time after time.

5- Safety and Security
The safety and security of our clientele is a priority in all of our planning. 
Papyrus Travel Group staff is always aware of events that might affect your security and they adjust their plans accordingly. Clients are with Memphis Tours staff at all times.

6- Guaranteed high quality service
Quality is our first priority. This principle is central to all of the work that we do planning each tour. This emphasis on quality spans back decades to the founding of
Papyrus Travel Group . As a result of this long history of reliable, quality tours,Papyrus Travel Group  is one of the leading tour operators in Egypt.

7- Concern for Value & Time
We understand the value of your time and your desire to see your money well spent during your tour in Egypt. 
Papyrus Travel Group operators think seriously about how best to satisfy the wishes of our guests while saving them as much time and money as possible.

8- (24/7) Customer Service
Our staff are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer your questions via a variety of means. We have a toll free phone line and an instant messaging service available through our website. We guarantee that we will respond rapidly to your emails at any time of day or night.

9- Support for Ethical/Sustainable Tourism
Papyrus Travel Group provides a great variety of touristic services focused on including new areas of interest to tourists, as well as the classic, world famous sights of Egypt. All of our operations are aimed at satisfying our customers’ needs, while also serving the interests of Egypt’s people and environment in the future.

10- Secured Online Payment
we accept online payments in multiple currencies and our staff are able to communicate in multiple languages in order to make payment as easy and simple as possible for all of our clients. Our system is easy, fast, secure and free. After the final agreement with your tour consultant, you can make an online payment to 
Papyrus Travel Group via credit card (Visa™ or MasterCard™ card are accepted) or bank transfer. Our website uses VeriSign SSL for secure e-commerce and confidential communications.